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About Me


As a project management and client services professional in the business-to-business legal services industry, I have several years of experience managing critical projects under tight deadlines. I have extensive experience interacting directly with high-level executives, including CEOs, law firm partners, and corporate directors.


Much of my time in the legal industry has been spent focusing on improving service operations and customer experiences.  






My Approach to Project Management


Project management is more than just creating flow charts and timelines. I take a holistic systems planning approach to managing projects, looking at the “big picture” and embrace the complexity of how problems interact with each other.


My experience managing complex discovery projects in the B2B legal services industry has given me expertise in planning, organizing, managing resources, gathering requirements, reporting and budgeting successfully.

My Approach to Customer Service


I specialize in maintaining a client-focus, always ensuring that the clients’ perception of success or failure is considered when evaluating results.


I have extensive experience interacting with clients at all levels, from executives to support staff. These experiences have given me the ability to accurately assess client needs and provide solutions using a consultative approach.

My Education at Baruch College


The Entrepreneurship program at Baruch provided me with a broad spectrum of business courses.  


The program is multidisciplinary and includes courses in accountancy, information systems, finance, law, management, marketing, public affairs, and real estate.


Obtaning this degree has provided me with the skills and knowledge necessary to make a positive strategic contribution to any business that wishes to grow, improve service operations, or explore new revenue streams.

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